Branding & Campaign

The start of something new. Where challenged youth sail away, only to return as adults.

A program for young people who have dropped out or do not fit into the conventional course for Norwegian youth.

On board the historic Christian Radich, they learn about sailing, the sea, geography and navigation. Most importantly, they gain confidence while overcoming challenges together in a group.

“Øyeblikk som dette husker jeg som store høydepunkter. Jeg er så glad jeg utnyttet turen til å skue utsikter som dette, og at jeg ble ned på tur. Tusen takk!”


The logo is based upon the galleon figure of S.S. Christian Radich. Proud, determined and leading the crew forward. A badge you can wear with pride.

Visualises the notion of bravery and toughness it takes signing up for this program. And what you gain as a person when you come back ashore, a Windjammer.

The social media campaign offered a start of a new journey for those who struggle to adapt to life on land.


Using saturated colors, closeup photos combined with large font, the visuals came to life, representing the bravery it takes to become a Windjammer.